Staying Pretty in the Gym 

If you like to grind it out in the gym as much as I do, then this is for you. A girl has got to keep her junk and her trunk in good shape, that much we know. And we don’t have to look like a hot mess while doing so. Let me walk you through some of the beauty tips I have learned from other beautiful ladies in my gym. Here’s how they manage

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Skin Clearing Tips

Maintaining your skin no matter what shape it's in is imperative to your well being and keeps your makeup looking flawless, too. Here are tips to clear skin and start preventing breakouts now!

Wash Your Face
Keeping your skin free of oil, dirt, and pollutants that clog pores is the first step to preventing breakouts and blackheads. Cleansing your face after a long day to remove makeup is key, but how you cleanse is

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Tricks in Applying Makeup

Makeup done well can make eyes pop, it can plump up a wrinkled face and play down a large nose. It can even out teenage acne and play down undereye circles. In this article, we’ll show you some nifty tricks.

Is There an Order to Applying Makeup?
I don't believe in beauty rules, only tricks. You don't HAVE to do anything when it comes to beauty, but if you abide by some tricks you'll

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What is Sheer Foundation

When you hear about different types of foundations, "sheer foundation" is mentioned -- a lot. But what exactly is sheer foundation? And more importantly, should you bag your current foundation for it?

Sheer foundation is one of the most common, popular forms of foundation. It glides on smoothly, giving skin the appearance of having no foundation on it at all. Because it won't mask your natural skin, it's a great bet for women who

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The Power of Eyeliner

It's no surprise that eyeliner is one of the most popular makeup products next to lipstick. There are so many ways to enhance your eye makeup look with eyeshadow, yet eyeliner is just as powerful if not more effective when wanting to really enhance your eye color and shape. Keep reading for my tips on the best ways to wear eyeliner and how it can seriously step up your makeup routine.

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